Apple Leather


Why Apple Leather

Its Vegan, Durable, Waterproof and Eco-Friendly.

Let us introduce an innovative and environmentally friendly substitute for animal leather.

In Nature, you can see no destruction, but transformations happen. Caterpillars become butterflies, fallen leaves become earth, therefore it is important to us not to destroy but transform.

The awareness of the animal cruelty and the feeling for the wellbeing of the nature is growing day by day. And this awareness did not pass us.

Nowadays many vegan leather options are available, but for most of them, they have to plant and harvest the base material which includes usage of pesticides and usage of lots of water just to be able to produce vegan leather which is not made of plastic. 

This procedures always are called “healthy or vegan” but through the whole process negative impacts on environment occur.

We offer a very innovative and exceptional leather type that is created by the waste of apples that are used in the juice and applesauce industry.

Through the usage of the waste, no apples have to be planted or harvested just for our products and we also created an opportunity for the farmers to get a second income through their waste and it is a way to protect ecosystems.

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